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Online gambling

Anticipating on the expected new law in the Netherlands 2017/2018, this law must make online gambling legal in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Gambling regulator (KSA) described the number of inquiries as ‘high’ given the estimated size of the illegal gambling market in the Netherlands. The also estimates people in the Netherlands spend between € 250- and € 800 million on illegal online gambling each year.

Therefore, take your chance and create one of the first legal gambling sites in Netherlands.

The possibilities are BIG!

The Dutch market

·         75ballbingo.nl

·         75ballenbingo.nl

·         90ballbingo.nl

·         90ballenbingo.nl

·         bingoclassic.nl

·         dagloterijen.nl

·         dagtrekkingen.nl

·         europeanlotteries.nl

·         europeseloterijtrekkingen.nl

·         gokjeonline.info

·         happygambling.nl

·         onlinegokje.info

·         online-gokje.nl

·         poker4dutch.nl


Online gambling related to the Chinese lucky numbers

·         888bingoclassics.com

·         888classics.com

·         888gamblefun.com

·         888gokje.com

·         888gokje.nl

·         gokje888.com

·         gokje888.nl


Online gambling related to sports

·         dutchfootballbets.com

·         dutchsoccerbets.com

·         dutchsoccerbets.nl

·         livesportweddenschappen.nl

·         sportweddenschappenlive.nl

·         wcsoccerbets.com

·         escbets.com

·         ecfootballbets.com

·         ecsoccerbets.com

·         wcfootballbets.com

·         livesportbets.co.uk

·         livesportsbettings.co.uk


One theme, multiple domains.

There are a number of factors we take in account when we reaching a pricing decision not least because we realize that there are bought several domain names for one and the same theme. For more information about this feel free to contact us.

Some tips about the use of a domain name for your business

-A good domain name is the first thing you need when you want to create your own online business.    When searching for the right business name at the same time makes sure that the same named        domain name is still available.
-Branding is very important for a business. Therefore building an online business you have to come  up with a good domain name as well. Include a location and/or the most important main keyword in  your domain name, if it’s possible. The domain name is the tool which gives your business an online  identity or brand.
-The use of a keyword / location in a domain name can give an idea about the main purpose of the    website which belongs to that particular domain name.
-A domain name must be logical, should be easy to remember and has to have a nice ring to it. 
-When choosing your domain name you should think about which extension(s) you want to use. 
-It's not unusual that companies buy several domain names, with the same keyword in it, with multiple  extensions which all lead to a main website.
-Don’t forget to renew your domain name registration. There is a whole aftermarket industry which is  based on names that dropped off.
Before buying


Before you buy a domain name, check first whether the name or part of it is not already registered as a trademark. You can find more about the rules on the website from the World Intellectual Property Organization. 

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